Blackbelt supplies a range of food belts that follow the industry standards and feature high quality coating material that is suitable for all modern food processes. All the belts by Blackbelt offer excellent release properties. They offer outstanding performance and superior service life while being in compliance with all the regulations set by the industry.

Blackbelt has always focused on increasing the hygiene as well as safety standards within the food industry. Strict quality checks are conducted to ensure that the products can be utilized in every environment. Continuous research ensures that the best material and fabric is used for the purpose of manufacturing food industry belts.



Our range of belts cater to many complex applications in bakery line. There is a wide range in baked products, right from breads and buns to biscuits and crackers. It also includes other products such as pastry and pizza bases. Blackbelt belts helps in saving running costs and also confirms to the strict legislations around the food industry. The top surface texture which is non-stick in nature, is specially developed for the bakery industry so that it reduces the contact between the dough and the belt.

Hygiene: There are no links or pins, neither will you find multiple layers of fabrics. The elastomeric section is not prone to contamination also, neither will it harbor any micro-organisms.

Better Strength and Long life: All the bakery belts are made from a strong abrasion resistant homogenous material and are devoid of any links and hinges that are usually found in modular belting. The belts by Blackbelt provide at least 5 times the hygienic lifetime than that of plied belts.

Reduced Cost of Ownership: The belts manufactured by Blackbelt provide you with significant savings on various aspects such as reduced procedures of sanitation and cleaning, less residue build up, less belt changeovers etc.

Safety: There is reduced noise making, thus making it safer to work. No or less abrasion means there if less chances of any mishaps.

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