Blackbelt offers a wide range of high quality belts for use in the confectionery processing industry. These belts are coated with special material so that it has a good release property, even for sticky foods. We even offer solutions for different manufacturing processes such as cooling tunnels, inclined conveying, general conveying, lifting etc.

All the products by Blackbelt offer the following advantages:

  • Reliable positioning on the belt
  • High longitudinal flexibility so that it becomes possible to work under small pulley diameter
  • Gentle handling of confectionery goods
  • Anti-abrasion
  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Good temperature resistance (suitable for high as well as low temperatures)

We also provide various fabricated belts that are designed for special conveying requirements for the confectionery industry such as sidewalls, cleats and guideropes made of foodgrade PVC etc. We have an extensive variety of solutions which allow customers to choose the product that can be used for specific applications.

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