Conveyxonic – Flexonic Belts


Conveyxonic Belts

These belts are specially designed and manufactured for roller conveyors. These belts are capable of transporting parcels that weigh from 1 kg to 2 tonnes. Not only is it a cost saving option but is also easy to use. Some of its characteristics include:

Specifications & Properties

  • The polyamide elastic cord can withstand temperatures of more than 80 degree celsius
  • The conveyxonic consists of a cold resistant rubber compound which has the ability to withstand temperature as low as -30 degree celsius
  • The elasticity of the belt lets it absorb shocks
  • These belts are antistatic
  • Since they are highly efficient it reduces electric consumption
  • Easy installation


Flexonic Belts

This belt is custom sized by Blackbelt for each application. The team calculates the equipment and accordingly decides what size will be required. It has elastic polyamide cord which gives it many advantages.

Specifications & Properties

  • High quality transmission
  • Reduces noise level as well as absorbs vibration
  • It can tolerate temperatures of over 100 degree celsius
  • Maintains identical tension throughout the life span of transmission
  • Tension level adapted to each transmission
  • Has a wide power range from 0 to 75 kW
  • it can be installed on fixed center distances
  • the installation does not need to be re-tensioned
  • reduced development time and thus reduced costs
  • Compatible with all standard Poly V pulleys
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