HVAC Industry

In the HVAC industry we are proven market leaders as we are committed to provide you with innovative products that will make the job easier. Black Belt is a proven leader who focuses on application knowledge, product design, and material technology along with dedication to customer service. We offer a range of Fenner Drives that become your source for all your HVAC application requirements. In case you have a special requirement, our in-house engineering support team will advise you while also formulating customized solutions.
Fenner Drives offer a multitude of solutions that will help to upgrade your HVAC systems.


PowerTwistPlus V-Belts:

  • Make any length of belt within seconds by hands!
  • Fast and easy installation without the need for any tools
  • It is made from composite polyester/polyurethane material and offer industry standard horsepower ratings
  • Reduced vibrations and noise level
  • Less misalignments
  • Excellent performance even in extreme temperatures
  • Reduced inventory as a box each of A/4L and B/5L sections does the job
  • Can be used for Industrial air handling units, energy conservation and desiccant wheels and extraction fans etc.

PowerMax Drive and Pulleys:

  • Molded from high strength glass-reinforced nylon composites
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Reduced drive vibration
  • Light weight design leads to less energy for start-up and running
  • State of the art precision molding resulting in high quality parts
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