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The possibilities are endless with Polyurethane & Polyester Belting from Fenner Drives.

PowerTwist Plus

PowerTwist Plus Belts

Blackbelts offers the revolutionary PowerTwist Plus by Fenner Belts which greatly outperforms conventional rubber endless V belts; therefore an increasing number of people are using Power Twist Plus.
PowerTwist Plus Antistatic is the answer… with all the benefits of standard PowerTwist Plus and the best antistatic properties of any V-belt on the market, easily passing theISO 1813:1998 standard. While the standard allows the resistance of the drive belt to be as high as 3.6 mega ohms(3,600,000 ohms), PowerTwist Plus Antistatic typically registers well below 50 ohms, while even the best so called antistatic rubber belts usually measure between ashocking 10,000 – 200,000 ohms. And unlike antistatic rubber V-belts whose antistatic properties may be adversely affected by humidity levels, environmental conditions and wear, PowerTwistPlus Antistatic’s proprietary construction allows the belt’s antistatic properties to perform in the harshest conditions.There are numerous features and advantages associated with this kind of belts.

& Properties

    The unique cross-lock design provides a raw edge cog construction which provides excellent durability and performance. Some of the other features include:

  • It can be installed on existing pulleys and no changes in set up is required
  • Can be made to any length within no time
  • It minimizes the downtime without the use of extra tools
  • No slippage
  • The design significantly reduces transmissible vibrations
  • Easy installation due to rivet-less construction
  • Has the best antistatic properties
  • Resistant to heat, water, chemical and oil
  • It operates in temperatures from -40ᵒC to 110ᵒC
  • Optional soft backing for conveying applications


  • HVAC Drives
  • Washdowns
  • Packaging
  • Tile Conveying
  • Automotive Glass
  • Distribution Center
  • Glass Industry
  • Material Handling

Ranges Available: Z/10-A13-B/17-C/22


NuTLink V Belts

If your drive requires more muscles, then NuTLink Belts by Fenner are the perfect answer. They are ideal for heavier, shock loaded applications, and reciprocating engine powered drives. They are an upgrade to classical V belts as you will get improved performance out of it.
With industry standard power ratings in belt sectionsup to C, NuTLink are heavy dutyworkhorses. These belts are perfectly suited for thosebig shock loadedapplications withmulti-belt drives

& Properties

  • Due to the link construction, they can be fitted easily as well as quickly on inaccessible drives
  • Easy to fit around the shaft without the need to dismantle drives
  • Exclusive T-stud that enables easy assembly
  • Reduced transmitted vibrations


  • Brick Manufacturing
  • Steel rolling mill
  • Stone crushers
  • Multi-belt drives

Ranges Available: A/13-B/17-C/22


SuperT Link Belts

Made from custom polyurethane elastomers reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric, Fenner Drives’ HPCV-Belts offer problem solving alternatives to conventional endless wrapped rubber V‑belts of classical and metric SP wedge cross sections.
The SuperTLink belts deliver outstanding performance, solving field problems which are usually associated with conventional rubber V- Belts. It is constructed similar to PowerTwist Plus and NuTLink V-belts.
The unique link design of SP rated Super T Link V-Belts allows designers considerable freedom in their choice of optimum drive configuration with savings in component costs and assembly times. As HPCV-Belts are effectively self-tensioning on installation and exhibit low operational stretch, there’s no need to incorporate belt tensioners and sliding motor bases into drive designs. Plus, drives can be optimally mounted on/in equipment to ensure quick and easy field maintenance.

& Properties

  • Engineered specifically to replace wedge belts of SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V AND 5V cross sections
  • It has a heavy duty construction
  • These belts are ideal for big shock loaded applications with multi-belt drive
  • Resistant to oil, water, chemicals and extreme temperatures
  • Exclusive T-stud for easy assembly
  • Easy fit with no need to dismantle drives
  • Reduces transmissible vibration


  • Airport Baggage Handling System
  • Stone Saw
  • Fuel transfer pumps
  • AHU’s
  • Compressors

Ranges Available: SPZ-SPA-SPB-SPC

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