Textile Industry

When it comes to textile industry, Blackbelt is a market leader, offering a complete range of product range for all kind of applications. The extensive array of solutions let you choose the best product for your application. The focus of Blackbelt is to increase service life while reducing energy consumption.

Yarn Manufacturing: Yarn manufacturing requires a wide array of power transmission belts, conveyor belts and spindle tapes. For yarn manufacturing, Blackbelt provides the following products: Spindle Tapes, Power Transmission Belts, Tangential Belts and Conveyor and Processing Belts.

Textile Printing: Blackbelt is a leading printing blanket manufacturer. The blankets are known for their excellent quality, high reliability, high level of resistance to solvents and high rate of accuracy. Furthermore, these belts display minimum downtimes with short lead time and offer precise and consistent printing results.

Nonwovens: These belts consist of numerous fabrics and coating materials. Combinations of these allow you to customize various electrostatic, mechanical and chemical properties of the belts. The various top face patterns and types of splices help to specialize the belts for individual tasks. They are maintenance free, light weight and smooth belts for high-speed crosslappers, and are cut resistant.

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